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Introduction of Novin intelligent Payroll software

All senior managers of organization and administrators of staff unit know about  the difficulties in calculating salaries such as changing and types of calculation ,so Day  computer for making  systems intelligent  in order to modernize them offer Novin  employee salary software to facilitate the implementation specific trends of salary calculation.

The system is designed in accordance with labor law and customer requirements (with parametric capabilities this means that employers can articipate by law to pay the salaries).

Payroll software is one of the most sophisticated  systems in financial and administrative software and industrial automation.Employee salaries accounting and Issued accounting document for pay slips in a large organization takes a lot of time and energy. Novin intelligent Payroll software is able to summarize all the complexity of the calculations described above in the simple form and can gives it to users.

Exact calculation of monthly payroll and Continuous and non-continuous benefits with regarding to employment law and job classification besides direct communication with other subsystems and transferring data from them and also introducing parametric and their flexibility against changing the rules are main features of Novin software.

Another characteristics of software include; calculation of loan, advance payment, legal deduction and fast and accurate calculation of monthly salary with various and nested reports.

Benefits and features of Payroll software

: The most important facilities of Novin intelligent Payroll software include as following

  • Easy operation.
  • Defining unlimited numbers of personnel.
  • Showing formulas and calculating salaries parametrically.
  • Linking with Novin intelligent accounting system and issuing employee salary accounting documents  and Integration of financial and personnel systems with support staff by birth information with capabilities of birth information recording Including name, surname, ID number, photo, date of birth…
  • presentation of types of legal factors including the benefits, deductions, employer obligations and performance based on employment type and method of calculation for each factor , introducing different business calendar by the type of employment.
  • Defining and calculation of work shifts.
  • Defining multiple service locations in software with ability to define the separate accounting outlines for each mentioned locations.
  • Defining jobs organization chart.
  • Calculating performance of contract,formal, consulting, hourly workers…
  • Importing monthly performance with respect to the employment order and the function of each type of employment.
  • ntroducing different tax tables (especially article 131) in favorite form according to the latest changes.
  • Presentation types of available hour’s card and their informational structure in order to accurate system connection with hour’s card and obtaining operational summary monthly.
  • Massaging on hour’s card device and possibility of observe it by any personnel at the time of entry.
  • ntroducing loan to personnel types and payment term and deducting installments automatically from personnel the condition of no suspension or liquidation with ability to issue and print employment order for staff (jobs classification order).
  • Defining tables,coefficients, assumption, tax tables,accounting issues,Taxable and nontaxable items and insurance,How to calculate the rate of one-hour work, and accounting issues each of the items of income and cost parametrically.
  • Possibility to provide Subsidies paid of employees and recording of received subsidies during a month and calculation and paid subsidies deduction amount in different methods (balance of account – employee salary) in pay slip automatically.
  • Ability to control use leave and leave balances (as yet or up the end of the year) of staff automatically by software and displaying leave balance in pay slip and possibility of transfer or leave  redemption .
  •  calculating performance of contract, formal, consulting, hourly employee.
  •  Importing monthly performance of staff according to the employment order.
  • Recording of back pay data in back pay fields of 1 to 5.
  • complete accounting of giving bonus,rewards associated with statements and reports.
  • Salary tax calculation by using these methods: 1. Annual based on function of month 2.annual based on function of day 3.Fixed monthly 4. Monthly based on function of day.
  • Ability to prepare reports of insurance statement and insurance diskettes.
  • Report a detailed and summary statement of paid tax and preparing paid tax diskette under the new format of Ministry of Finance.
  • Salary payment through the bank diskette.
  • The report of employee salaries lists-payment receipt of staff salaries-Signed of staff salaries-Report of subsidies payment state of employees.
  • Report of received loans and flat loan of staff-miscellaneous payments list to staff-report of severance pay and leave redemption statement of staff.
  •  Staff savings statement report-staff bonus payment statement report- staff leaves statement report-report of annually performance of staff.
  • Personnel evaluation in different periods and the effect of acquired points in salaries as favorite.
  • Automatically issuing of payroll accounting documents based on limitations and Conditions defined by the user.
  • Automatically creating monthly data of staff performance with the ability to editing the generated information.
  • Editing and recording of Computational items by user in order to adaptation with calculated performance by other employee salary software or manually calculation.
  • Observation of net receipt simultaneously with creating and recording performance without having to perform additional processing.
  • Ability to adapting and getting data from attendance system.
  • Making salary data certain in order to avoid unwanted changes by the user with the ability to retrieve certain data by superior user.
  • Applying the collection of arrears benefits, arrears deductions and employer obligations arrears by corresponding factors in financial document issuing.
  • Representing the seven characteristics of pay slip.
  • Displaying payment obligations of employer in pay slip.
  • Defining the mission types and associated parameters based on every organization needs.
  • Recording all specifications of mission.
  • Defining the mission calculation formula based on the type of mission.
  • Providing a variety reports in any favorite time.
  • Providing types of annual management reports.
  • Connecting with Microsoft office software such as excel, word...
  • Offering various alarms on the date of the order and contract.
  • Calculating and reporting the severance reservation.

Eventually, it should be noted that your Payroll software is designed and implemented in such a way that you do not need to be familiar with the legal and financial calculations and all configuration and reports, and intelligent is done by systems (software) automatically

Services of Novin intelligent accounting software

Dear user! By providing Novin intelligent software, Day Computer Company intends makes better informing about new versions and supporting according to urgent needs of customers .

Therefore, we have classified these requests in a separate package according to requests of our users .

It is hoped that Day computer can support appropriate and acceptable in order to attract the attention of the esteemed users.

To extend the service and receive counseling, please contact us on this telephone number : (+971)508838272 - (+971)553643396

Customers can pay online via links and extend their services

(Network services include just on computers that are new software installed,alsothere is no a connection to the Internet in a blue package.)

The Blue Guarantees

Telephone interview: Business hours

No Attend at location

Windows installation: With cost               

Fixing problems in Novin network via phone

Fixing problem in computer network: With costs

Fixing problem in software:Free

Reinstalling software: Free

Checking troubled data: Free

Convert version 3 to 4: just 1 time Free

Backup recovery in software: Free

Number of attendance in location in a year: No

Hardware locks replacing: With cost

Data defect: With cost

Download internet software updates          

Education: with cos t

Periodic service of software: No

No Special telephone line

Novin data recovery: No                        

Database reinstallation: With cost            

The silver Guarantees

Telephone interview: To 9pm

Attend at location: Transportation costs

Windows installation: Free at costumer location

Fixing problems in Novin network:  phone or attend costumer location

Fixing problem in computer network: Transportation costs

Fixing problem in software:Free

Reinstalling software: Free

Checking troubled information: Free

Convert version 3 to 4: Free

Backup recovery in software: Free

Number of attendance in location in a year: 3times

Hardware locks replacing: Free

Data defect:: Free

Download internet software updates and CDs

Free education in office of Day computer

Periodic service of software once a year

No Special telephone line

Novin Data recovery: Free in Day computer office

Database reinstallation: Free in Day computer office

The Golden Guarantees

Telephone interview: 24-hour

Attend at location: Free

Windows installation: Free                      

Fixing problems in Novin network via phone or attend costumer location

Fixing problem in computer network: Free

Fixing problem in software:Free

Reinstalling software: Free

Checking troubled data: Free

Convert version 3 to 4: Free

Backup recovery in software: Free

Number of attendance in location in a year: 6times

Hardware locks replacing: Free

Data defect:: Free

Download internet software updates and CDs

Free education in office of Day computer or location of costumer

Periodic service of software once a year

Special telephone line

Novin data recovery: Free                      

Database reinstallation: Free                  


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