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About Us

Since 1991, department of Day Computer with the participation of experts in software, hardware, accountant has been established, and just  from the beginning, tries to use the best technology in order to productivity and optimize various system.

The company with appropriate management and experts’ perseverance allocated proper share of the software market in various fields and currently it has more than eight thousands of users and multiple applications at different levels.

As a result of responding to the most important needs of costumer as using good-quality hardware, Day computer expands its activities to promote the development of the hardware industry in this area. At present ,company accomplishes important services of hardware design, installation and commissioning of local meta-network (WAN) - optical - VPN-ISP-Firewall and attendance Systems and Technical Support Services(In this area has a top rating in the category of firms) based on experience and expertise of our professionals in order to solve the hardware needs of companies and organizations. 

The company is now a proud member of the Guild organization. At present, the company's software and hardware are used in large and small commercial and business centers, shops,companies, manufacturing, and government agencies, Market and various trade units.

In this site we have tried to introduce the services and products offered by the company.



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