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Career Opportunities
Presence in Day Computer Company for all those who are looking for a knowledge-based organization is an opportunity. In Day computer family we promise dynamics, prosperity and creativity for all those who work hard and perform regular activities. Keep in mind that to join Day computer you have to prepare yourself to do serious work with hard work, persistence, vitality.
Graduates in software, computer science, hardware, IT, management, accounting and other related fields are the main audience of Day Computer.
Interested in attending Day computer must have the following general conditions:
•    Benefit from the spirit of respect for the customer
•    The ability to engage in teamwork and empathy at work
•    Perseverance, hard work and creativity at work
•    Time management and the ability to carry out activities
•    Benefit from the knowledge and generic skills
•    Benefit from the knowledge and expertise related to the activities of the applicant

List of jobs

•    Marketing expert
•    Secretary familiar with the computer
•    Hardware technician familiar with the network
•    Professional programmer fluent in #C, and SQL Server
•    Professional programmers fluent in Delphi and SQL Server
•    Programmer

•    Hardware selling expert

•    Software support expert

•    Expert support

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